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Bonne Maniere, the illustrious name that is admired the world over for the magnificence that it exemplifies through its luxurious brands. We have left our signature with superlative brands, namely Roger’s Diner, Lenôtre Paris, Patchi, Dunia Restaurant and IMC Catering. With each brand having crafted a unique name in its respective domain, the name of Bonne Maniere has become synonymous to delightful dining experience. With its services spanning across various sectors like Food & Beverage, Catering, Retail and Consultancy, Bonne Maniere as a renowned company in Qatar has earned an esteemed place in the hearts of millions of customers, which it rightly deserves.

It was in the year 2003 that a beginning was made with the label, Project Engineering Qatar, under which a group of companies started operating in the spheres of Food & Beverage, Catering and Retail. Within a short span of commencement of operations, Bonne Maniere became the proud owners of Master License for prestigious brands, Lenôtre  Paris and Patchi in Qatar.

PATCHI, a well-known chocolate brand has been operating from deluxe outlets in eight landmark locations – Villaggio, The Mall, Suhaim, Salwa, City Centre and LandMark. Bonne Maniere launched the prominent French Restaurant – LENÔTRE PARIS at two locations with boutiques. These outlets in Villaggio Mall and Suhaim offer fine dining in plush contemporary surroundings.

DUNIA RESTAURANT and ROGER’S DINER are upmarket brands which represent own business of Bonne Maniere and are counted among the finest Qatar Restaurants of customers’ preference. A fresh and innovative restaurant concept which is a perfect blend of Persian and Oriental cuisines is what has taken shape in the form of Dunia Restaurant in Villaggio Mall. Within a short span of time, we were able to give the best choice for what to eat and now we are counting in the list of best restaurants in Doha.

2011 was special for Qataris since the year witnessed the landing of American restaurant, Roger’s Diner in Suhaim, Doha. A trendy fusion of the ambiance of retro and memorabilia of 1927’s piece of art is what best describes this grand and unique endeavour. Relish your favourite dishes in the rich ambiance of the aviation theme. The conceptual adaptation of the aviation theme is sure to literally lift your excitement to newer heights letting you feel the rush of adventure, the like of which you experience during the takeoff of a true flying machine.

Bonne Maniere has added new charm and grandeur to the catering industry with its catering service – IMC CATERING. Our proven track record in successfully catering to VIP functions, Congress participants, guests and visitors during big international events have been instrumental in earning global reputation to the name of Bonne Maniere.

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Main Office

Tel:+974 44864101
Fax:+974 44863696
Add : Villa 93, Al Jamiaa
St. Al Markiya
33, P.O. Box 22004,

Lenotre Paris - Suhaim

Tel: +974 44552111 Fax: +974 44371081
Add: Suhaim Bin Hamad St. Al Sadd, C-Ring Road,
P.O. Box 9844 Doha-Qatar

Lenotre Paris - Villaggio

Tel: +974 44507255 Fax: +974 44507205
Add: Villaggio Mall, Al Waab St.
P.O. Box 9844 Doha-Qatar

Dunia Restaurant

Tel: +974 44507259 Fax: +974 44507260
Add: Villaggio Mall, Al Waab St.
P.O. Box 9844 Doha-Qatar

Roger’s Diner

Tel: +974 44552333 Fax: +974 44371081
Add: Suhaim Bin Hamad St. Al Sadd,
C-Ring Road, P.O. Box 9844 Doha-Qatar

Patchi – City Center

Tel/fax: +974 449344817
Add: Dafna -Diplomatic Area
P.O. Box 22573 Doha-Qatar

Patchi – LandMark

Tel/fax: +974 44877136
Add: Al- Dohayel P.O. Box 22573 Doha-Qatar

Patchi - Suhaim

Tel: +974 44351631
Add: Suhaim Bin Hamad St. Al Sadd,
C-Ring Road, P.O. Box 22573 Doha- Qatar

Patchi – Villaggio

Tel/fax: +974 44507862
Add: Al-Waab Khalifa Stadium
P.O. Box 22573 Doha-Qatar

Patchi - Salwa

Tel/fax: +974 44693350
Add: West Corner Center
P.O. Box 22573 Doha-Qatar

Patchi – The Mall

Tel/fax: +974 44551862
Add: D-Ring Road
P.O. Box 22573 Doha-Qatar

Patchi - Al Wakra

Tel: +974 44864101 Fax: +974 44863696
Add: Al Wakrah, Doha - Qatar

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