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Food & Beverage Services

All the repute that Bonne Maniere has earned as a truly global brand can be attributed to the impeccable services that we provide in Food & Beverage industry. Our brands - ROGER’S DINER, LENÔTRE DE PARIS and DUNIA have been admired by millions of avid foodies the world over. Iconic restaurants with renowned chefs of global fame bring the best of the world to the platter right in front of you.

Be it anything from Oriental to Persian, European or American cuisines, we have expert hands. We are also well equipped to provide elegant platform for business lunch with unbeatable hospitality. Our capabilities in the food industry are well supplemented by our catering services in Doha.

A luscious dining experience is all about treating the senses and not just your taste buds. The decor of each restaurant captivates you to enjoy every single moment at these best places to eat and entices you to visiting us again and again. Infuse the extraordinary into your culinary voyages and imbibe the elite status associated with dining at Bonne Maniere.

Retail Services

We add value to customers and bring smiles to them with exemplary products in the retailing domain. Each of Bonne Maniere’s retail outlets has carved out a niche in the heart of millions of shoppers. LENÔTRE DE PARIS boutique offers variety of pastries and imported products such as danish, candies, fresh chocolates, fine pastries, bread and confectionaries.

Grab the best gift items, art de la table, and celebration accessories from PATCHI - yet another brand store from Bonne Maniere stable. Your search for the finest shopping destination for gifts and celebration articles in Doha ends at the doorsteps of Bonne Maniere outlets.

Our gift shops in Doha - Qatar attract travellers from far and wide who often turn up at our stores during each of their visit to this part of the globe. Gifting is an honour, when it is done the Bonne Maniere way.

Catering Services

Look no further if you are on the lookout for the best catering company in Qatar, particularly Doha. IMC Caterers are the right people to reckon with. Through the services that we have provided during big international events, we have had the opportunity to cater to nothing less than the world community itself. IMC Catering is now the preferred choice of the organisers of big prestigious corporate events in Doha.

At Bonne Maniere, you will find the best event company in Doha - Qatar to transform your special occasions into majestic events that continue to stay etched in memories. Special moments call for special catering. Among the companies offering special catering for events in Doha, IMC offers unmatched varieties with its special personalised catering menu.

Our banqueting services in Doha - Qatar reflects the splendour that we have added to the hospitality industry.

Consultancy Services

Bonne Maniere extends consultancy services to areas such as Production and Service training, Corporate Branding, Interior Designing and Operational level services.

We provide training for operation and service staff and give assistance during pre-opening phase to ensure that the Standard Operating Procedures are followed. Branding services include logo & item design, signage and stationary.

Graphic designing of paper & carton bags, packages and other promotional materials is being undertaken. We devise strategic marketing tools like attractive slogans, opening campaign posters, magazine ads and billboards. Get attractive attires for your staff with custom uniform designs.

Our consultancy wing offers internal designing services, especially in creating plans & elevations, 3D photos, furniture design and execution plans. At the operational level, Bonne Maniere helps firms by framing Organizational Charts, Policies and Procedures, Job Descriptions and Customer Service Agreements. We help you set Key Performance Indicators and define Safety & Sanitation Practices.

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Main Office

Tel:+974 44864101
Fax:+974 44863696
Add : Villa 93, Al Jamiaa
St. Al Markiya
33, P.O. Box 22004,

Lenotre Paris - Suhaim

Tel: +974 44552111 Fax: +974 44371081
Add: Suhaim Bin Hamad St. Al Sadd, C-Ring Road,
P.O. Box 9844 Doha-Qatar

Lenotre Paris - Villaggio

Tel: +974 44507255 Fax: +974 44507205
Add: Villaggio Mall, Al Waab St.
P.O. Box 9844 Doha-Qatar

Dunia Restaurant

Tel: +974 44507259 Fax: +974 44507260
Add: Villaggio Mall, Al Waab St.
P.O. Box 9844 Doha-Qatar

Roger’s Diner

Tel: +974 44552333 Fax: +974 44371081
Add: Suhaim Bin Hamad St. Al Sadd,
C-Ring Road, P.O. Box 9844 Doha-Qatar

Patchi – City Center

Tel/fax: +974 449344817
Add: Dafna -Diplomatic Area
P.O. Box 22573 Doha-Qatar

Patchi – LandMark

Tel/fax: +974 44877136
Add: Al- Dohayel P.O. Box 22573 Doha-Qatar

Patchi - Suhaim

Tel: +974 44351631
Add: Suhaim Bin Hamad St. Al Sadd,
C-Ring Road, P.O. Box 22573 Doha- Qatar

Patchi – Villaggio

Tel/fax: +974 44507862
Add: Al-Waab Khalifa Stadium
P.O. Box 22573 Doha-Qatar

Patchi - Salwa

Tel/fax: +974 44693350
Add: West Corner Center
P.O. Box 22573 Doha-Qatar

Patchi – The Mall

Tel/fax: +974 44551862
Add: D-Ring Road
P.O. Box 22573 Doha-Qatar

Patchi - Al Wakra

Tel: +974 44864101 Fax: +974 44863696
Add: Al Wakrah, Doha - Qatar

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