We at Bonne Maniere believe that Quality lies in the finer details. It manifests in whatever we do. Be it the services we offer or the products that we deal with, the attention that we pay to quality is evident in itself.

Quality assumes critical significance especially when the service is related to food and beverages industry. Our uncompromising attitude towards setting the best standards and tireless effort towards maintaining the same have fetched us good repute as a reliable player in the food industry. Now you know why people across various regions reckon us as their preferred choice when it comes to relishing a wholesome platter.

Quality is a habit and way of life at Bonne Maniere. This is exactly the reason why our esteemed customers always relate the name Bonne Maniere to Quality.


The initiatives we have taken towards implementing Total Quality Management is a direct reflection of our commitment towards ensuring quality. Each individual at Bonne Maniere, irrespective of the position that he holds, is an inextricable part of the quality initiative. The upper management prepares a basic manual regarding quality for all the products and services provided by Bonne Maniere. This initiative revolves around the process of implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Specific standards are set for all the processes starting from the purchasing phase to the delivery phase. Generally, this covers:

  • Standard Purchase Specifications
  • Standard Handling Procedures
  • Standard Production Procedures
  • Standard Delivery Procedures


The importance that Bonne Maniere attaches to quality is evident in our firm compliance with HACCP food safety standards. We insist strictly on abiding by the norms set by HACCP, particularly with respect to facility layout, personnel and operating procedures. Bonne Maniere advocates a proactive approach of prevention rather than post-production inspection of finished products. We also has taken special care to comply with the globally acclaimed NSF standards regarding public health and safety.



We don’t leave any stone unturned when it is about delivering the best to the customer. Critical control points are identified individually for each single food item produced. Temperature control and time monitoring are observed with precision to keep dangers out of raw and finished foods. Best International standards are maintained by implementing checklist logging systems for facility sanitation. We are giving proper care to the environment also, practices for the control of control water supply and effluents, air filtering system and waste disposal are the proven manifestation of this.


Setting norms alone won’t serve the purpose unless backed with proper follow-up and inspection. Due diligence has been given to carry out regular and timely inspection by designated personnel who are best qualified for the job. Critical stages in production have been identified for conducting inspection audits both at suppliers’ facility and Bonne Maniere facility. Pre and post-production examinations are key to ensuring quality output.

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